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Legionella risk assessments

Periodic sampling of water from taps, shower heads and other various water outlets are carried out at a variety of hotels, health care facilities and factories in order to determine legionella levels and other microbiological and chemical parameters in domestic cold and hot water. Samples are tested by our accredited laboratory partners. 

What is Legionella?

According  to  the  Maltese  Public  Health Act  any  hot  and/or  cold  water  system must  be  tested  for  Legionella  bacteria periodically. Legionella is a freshwater bacterium which

grows readily in hot and cold water bodies such  as  in  spas,  pools,  cooling  waters, showers,  and  fountains  or  any  water system  involving  the  vaporisation  of water.  Outbreaks  of  Legionella  bacteria can  cause  Legionnaire’s  disease,  which  is an aggressive form of pneumonia.


How can we help?

Our  qualified  and  experienced  specialists who  shall  collect  appropriate  water samples  which    are  immediately  sent  to our  ISO  17025  accredited  laboratory

partners, for analysis within  24 hours.  Results  and  certificates  are  issued  within the  time  allocated  by  the  standard methodology.  The  outcome  of  the  test results  will  be  carefully  evaluated  by  our experts. This is followed by a consultation meeting with the client in order to discuss the results and advise subsequent actions if necessary.



For any sample results indicating Legionella levels outside the national limit, the client will be advised and guided.