About us

About Us


Our team consists of scientists and engineers whose experience spans a wide range of analytical projects for a diverse client base, both in the private and public sectors. Owing to our expertise, we are uniquely placed to assist clients on a personalised basis, in all areas associated with the environmental assessment and management of existing commercial and industrial facilities, for a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Environmental Monitoring Services Ltd (EMS) focuses on achieving immediate problem solving without compromising on quality. Just as importantly, we meet project timelines and budget needs. Our expert opinions are qualified and well respected by government authorities, industry and community groups. The end result ensures our clients would become compliant to high standards of environmental and product quality, whilst maintaining control of their day-to-day business needs

Our Mission

We at EMS Ltd are committed to provide sustainable environmental and industrial solution to meet specific customer needs consistent with the long-term interests of the client.

We achieve this by employing and partnering a highly qualified, experienced and accredited team members who will assist with in-depth studies, design, effective implementation, and long-term interests.

EMS strives to maintain high standards of professional conduct and will comply with local, EC and international regulations and guidelines. From initial site evaluations and assessments to intrusive investigations and sampling to the remedial operations, every aspect of consultation and advice can be undertaken by EMS.


Our Vision

We at EMS believe that in time our company will become one of the most well-respected  consulting entities in Malta and Gozo. We will achieve this by utilizing the core principles that consist of:

  • Timely client responsiveness, 
  • Scientific technical expertise, 
  • Planning with a scientific and cost-effective approach, 
  • Continuous communication and,
  • Team-building programmes. 

EMS will develop a widespread  reputation in local markets as well by launching contact networks with talented individuals that share EMS’s values.

EMS will also be expanding our partnerships with highly respected teams of local and overseas resource professionals to meet diverse client needs. 

EMS will always be at the forefront of industry trends, knowledge of environmental and consumer regulations, and the systems to comply with them. Our professional team will provide the most appropriate solutions to solve the challenges our clients face. We will foster environmental sustainability and create long-term success. Unsurpassed client service throughout this process will always remain our number one priority.