Project 1

Sampling of Legionella bacteria in several hotels, health care facilities and industrial buildings…

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Project 2

Waste management at quarries and scrap yards

According to the concentration limits stipulated by law (Schedule 3 S.L. 549.63), extraction of cores were carried out in order to classify waste according to four main categories:

  1. Inert
  2. Non-hazardous
  3. Hazardous
  4. Toxic

Noise and vibration monitoring in offices and factories

Noise and vibration levels were monitoring over a specific duration of consecutive days in order to determine whether any SNR hearing protection is required to workers exposed to dangerously high levels of noise and vibration. 

Office noise and vibration analysis: to determine whether noise levels are causing negative health affects on workers.

Microbiological analysis in frozen meat

Salmonella, E.coli and other microbiological tests carried out periodically on frozen meat products as well as on surfaces of factories where such products are produced.

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